Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lady G talks about being a Mentor and how her life changed in 2012.

(My father always said "Your smile is the window in your face that lets everyone know you're at home!" This was his way of letting me know he loved to see my smile)

June 2012, was when I found out that I had been chosen as one of the 20 finalists for the Miss BBW International contest (OMG), I couldn't believe it. I was 46 years old, spent most of my life working predominately in computers or male environment, single and now being told that I have got through to the finals of a competition that was the equivalent to Miss Universe ( Plus Size). UNBELIEVABLE.

When I was first told I kept it to myself for about 5 minutes then I had to tell the world that Lady G, aka, George, Gina, Georgina and if anyone was shocked hearing the news, they were about to be shocked some more.

So as the year went on.. it just got better and better, even whilst I was going through some minor health issues, I couldn't contain how happy I was. Press Coverages, Boot Camps & Photo shoots, wow this kind of thing doesn't happen to your average East End girl, someone pinch me LOL.

Finally the day of the Pageant arrived, my stomach was churning, I feel like its the day of my wedding and all these people out there, are there for us; I was excited but terrified at the same time. Whilst each sector of the pageant went by casual wear, swimwear, and then finally evening wear, then it was nearly over. The four girls I remember the most from last year, was Sarah, Kathryn, Severine and Cacherel. We sat close to each other in the changing room and kept each other going by cracking jokes, so when the final call came for us to return to the stage we wished each other good luck and proceeded to the stage.
It was an amazing feeling to be there with 18 beautiful, strong women and here I was among them still not quite believing it.

As Alison Hammond (who was the compere of the show that year ) called out the crown winners, she called 'MY' name, OMG, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? and many more comments went through my head as they placed that crown on my head. I couldn't hide my shock, I didnt know whether to scream, laugh or cry or just do all at the same time! It wasn't because I didn't think I deserved to win a crown, it was because I guess I had others in my mind that would have taken my place so although I was shocked and totally overwelmed, that feeling soon turned to PRIDE and gratitude to all judges for making me see something in myself that needed to be shared with others.

 So after an amazing night at the pageant and taking home a crown as the 3rd runner up, I felt now its time for my feet to touch the ground....but OH NO, not yet.  For the next month, I get a call from the owner of POSE PLUS Model agency to let me know that all the crown winners have been invited on THIS MORNING to model Christmas outfits for plus size women. That was another OMG moment and the year hadn't finished yet. GOSH could I take anymore excitement, hell yes..bring it on hehehe.

So the year is nearly over I have made amazing friends and have promised to share my experiences and support to the organisers particularly Linda Koch. Then I get another call asking me if I would like to be the official Mentor for the Ladies of 2013!!! Wow does this good news ever stop??!!!  Of course I said yes, it was an absolute honor to be asked .
Since getting more involved with the pageant and Big girl Paradise  Linda and her family are now very dear friends. I wanted to give something back to organisation for making such an amazing difference to my life and I feel I doing that now, I feel honoured to be part of the BGP family.

Many people have had opportunities to follow their dreams, but I feel so lucky to have been given this role as the official Mentor for the 30 Miss Plus Size International 2013 Finalists. 
Every single one of these Ladies have a formidable story of strength to tell. They ooze femininity  grace, beauty and confidence. 

I am proud to be the one that guides them on their Pageant journey.  We have struck up a great friendship and I believe all ladies feel confident enough to give 100% in their journey to winning the next "Miss Plus Size International Crown.

Having experience in coaching, training and personal 1:1 guidance, I was over the moon when the organisation chose me. In everything I do in life I enjoy helping people to be the best they can be. And that is what my main role is as a Mentor, I am there for each and every one of the ladies to not only give them an insight to the competition having been a crown winner from 2012 but to also give them my experience in life coaching. 

All the ladies have impressed me so much and I am so glad not to be a judge this year because its a real tough call. I can quite confidently say EVERY ONE of them are true Ambassadors for the Plus Size Community and watch this space because I believe they will all be making a formidable and positive mark for the community in months to come.

Thank you Linda but above all THANK YOU LADIES for making your Mentor so proud.

                 Lots of Love Lady G aka Mamma G XX

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